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Helping businesses set up high-converting marketing systems and launch profitable Ads campaigns that consistently generate sales and quality leads at minimal cost.

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Done-For-You Facebook Ads Service

We will help you strategically advertise your business/product/offer to more targeted eyeballs through Facebook Ads using a combination of proven strategy, compelling Ad copy and high-converting ads creatives.

We are a team of experienced media buyers with proven track records and we strive to consistently generate sales and quality leads at a lower cost and the same time maximizing every dollar that you put into advertising

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High-converting Sales Funnel Design Service

Scaling your business without Automation can be a pain in the *ss.

You can have a good traffic source but without a well crafted Sales funnel then it will be a waste of effort and resources.

This is why we help businesses develop and design high-converting sales funnels that can convince people to buy whatever you’re selling even in your absence. And this will give you enough time to do other things.

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Consult An Expert

This is specifically tailored for people that want to have control of their marketing but need an expert to view and audit their current marketing systems, ads campaigns, business processes.

We’ll jump on a one-on-one Zoom session with the screen-sharing option turned on and I’ll make real time recommendations for better optimization.

At the end of this consultation, you’ll know the exact thing to do so as to increase your sales conversion and grow your business.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: $100

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Do-It-Yourself Facebook Ads Solution

This is Adeleke Samuel’s Flagship Facebook Advertising course.

This is a detailed step-by-step guide put together for individuals and business owners that wants to learn launch Profitable Ads campaigns themselves leveraging on the same framework our Agency uses to create, launch, optimize and scale Facebook Ads Campaign, there is also a support community.

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Done-For-You Facebook Ads Service

convat agency facebook ads service


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High-converting Sales Funnel Design Service

convat agency sales funnel service


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$29.99 /Month

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Experienced Team Members

We are a team of professional Media buyers and digital marketing specialists that have launched, optimized and managed live campaigns. Our experience gives us an edge in the marketplace because we have tested different strategies and variables and we know what works and what doesn't.

Proper management and optimization

Every profitable campaign at a point starts to experience Ad fatigue hence dip in performance, this we understand.
We pay keen attention and optimize every ongoing Ads campaigns so as to consistently get good conversion at the best cost.


We are focused on getting you result without excuses. Never will you be left in the dark as you’ll receive detailed strategic reports and actions based on data, so you can be fully aware of the progress we make.

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We're Result-Driven

Hear from our Clients

Juliana Buah – CEO, Anchels Marketing

“They got me the Quality leads, my company is flourishing…”

Mrs Juliana was in search of a Marketing Agency to help her company generate quality leads after so many searches she found us. In summary, she is extremely pleased with the result and her company is flourishing.

Chibuzor Azubuike – Founder, Scholarship Abroad Academy

“Over 20 sales in 1 day”

Mrs Chibuzor was initially wasting money on Facebook Ads without making sales.

She got in touch and we reviewed her Ads setup and Sales funnel then setup and launch a new Ads campaign from scratch. In fact, she got over 20 sales in 1 Day!

Work Flow

Our Working Process

The purpose of the discovery call is to learn more about your business, how you currently do your marketing and also have an idea of the kind of result you want to achieve.

We’ll evaluate your business to determine if we’re the right partner you need at the moment to take you to where you desire to be.

The next step is to work on the project, if you’re a qualified client.

Who We Want To Work With

Are We The Right Partner?

We carefully select clients and businesses we work with us. If you answer YES to all of the questions below then you are likely to be our next partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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How do you choose your new clients?

We are highly-selective about whom we work with.
We’re looking for brands and businesses that understands the importance of investing to acquire new customers and leads. 

If the above is true, we then look at your brand, products and state of the market to determine if we’re the right fit numerically to be working together.

Also note, you should have a minimum budget of $1,000/month if you’re interested in our Ads Service.

What type of businesses do you offer your services to?

When will I see significant increase in my sales?

If an agency is out there promising you heaven and earth without seeing what you’re doing – they are lying.

We will be able to comment on this more after discovery call and a proper analysis.

But of course, we go all out to deliver results at minimal cost to our clients.

What do your services typically cost?

We believe in delivery results and working with clients who appreciate the extra care and the results that come from it.

Our project’s monthly fees currently start from $700 – $5k and can range up to $10k depending on business needs, services, resources we need to deploy and results that we get to the brand.

Got Questions to Ask?

Our support team will be glad to assist you